Words from Bandung to relive in Bali and Delhi

News Today 08.07.2022

Three back-to-back summits in the past fortnight have helped settle the dust on who stands where on the Russian invasion of Ukraine: the BRICS (June 23-24), followed by the G-7 summit (June 26 and 27), and then the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit in Madrid (June 29). Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the BRICS summit virtually, and then travelled to Germany for the G-7 outreach between the seven “most industrialised nations” and the special invitees this year, namely, Argentina, Indonesia, India, Senegal and South Africa. India was not a part of the NATO summit, which included an outreach to the United States’s Indo-Pacific treaty allies, i.e., Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. (Read More)


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