Why a separate anti-torture law?

Kochi: Police personnel conduct a march to enforce the COVID-19 lockdown strictly, in Kochi, Monday, April 20, 2020. The Kerala government on Monday said there was some "misunderstanding", due to which the Centre had objected to dilution of the lockdown protocol after the state had allowed opening of restaurants and MSME industries in municipal areas among others. (PTI Photo) (PTI20-04-2020_000269B)

This editorial brings out the need for police reforms and a new anti torture law in the light of the recent incident of   death of a father-son duo in Tamil Nadu due allege police torture. The editorial also highlighted the flaws in draft Anti Torture Bill 2017, the editorial advocates that instead of a separate Anti Torture bill the existing recommendations of the different commissions on prevention of torture should be implemented carefully. This news is related to the topic, Important aspects of governance, transparency and accountability of GS 2. This news can be important for mains.

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