Utilise MGNREGA to the fullest capacity

Farmer's Income: From Other side Of The Prism
Farmer's Income: From Other side Of The Prism

The article here highlights the need for MGNEREGA in rural India, especially in the districts where there is a huge reverse inflow of migrant workers. The MGNEREGA has been a lifeline for rural India for many years now. The article also highlights how Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan is being used to dilute the MGNREGA in the name of ‘skill mapping’ whereas these norms are already present in MGNREGA. The nature of work for workers in MGNREGA is manual work, mainly construction and earthwork. The Garib Kalyan Rojgar Abhiyaan also doesn’t clarify the set of guidelines issued by the Ministry of Rural Development, and the basis of the 116 selected districts. The article has highlighted that last year MGNREGA had created lower workdays than the national average for these selected 116 districts. Lastly, The article suggests expanding the 100 days cap of MGNREGA to at least 200 days with unemployment allowance granted to those turned away from work.

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