Users or used?

News Today 06.08.2022

In the age of high-tech consumerism, we are consumers first and citizens second. The tech giants don’t merely sell their products, they are spreading a new gospel truth: the faith in the magic of the machine. The big techs and greedy corporations promise to improve the lot of humankind but do the opposite. Rather than freeing up time for us, technology has enslaved us. As Richard Maxwell of Queens College says, “we now live as devices of our own devices, not as inhabitants of a living planet.” For all the cheerleading, technology has an equity problem. We need technology to tackle our biggest challenges. But who exactly controls technology and to what purpose? Big techs have created affluence without abundance. First, they create desires in us that we never had. Then they tell us we must buy their products to “keep up with the Joneses.” (Read More)


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