Understanding Savarkar

News Today 06.11.2021

Savarkar felt compelled to find a new definition of Hinduism in view of the fact that Hinduism was described loosely. Unlike other religious beliefs it was perceived as a folk religion and as a way of life. Tilak’s definition was found to be inadequate as it was overtly religious. Savarkar’s aim was to structure an unstructured religion. (Read More)

Savarkar’s mercy petition was not an act of cowardice to get relief but to actively participate in the movements which he perceived to be the right course of action in the altered situation. Savarkar, with his basic disagreement and distrust of the Gandhian movement thought it would be better to fight it out openly within the political space provided by the British so that the nationalist movement could take the correct course leading to a free united India. (Read More)



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