‘Time has come to accept that dialogue, agreements with China won’t help’: US NSA on Ladakh

According to US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, time has come accept that simply having agreements or dialogues will not be sufficient in persuading Beijing to change. He remarked this in the backdrop of ongoing five-month standoff between India and China in eastern Ladakh where China repeatedly attempted to seize control of the Line of Actual Control. Mr. O’ Brien further indicated that US will stand up to the Chinese and protect the American. Additionally he also says that a competitive approach to China has been adopted by the Trump administration. Similarly, Mike Pompeo also said that United States will our ally and partner in the fight against China. Below are three articles that illustrates the Trump government has built out a coalition that will push back against Chinese threat. All the three issues very important from the point of International Relations in GS mains II. 


Click here to read – I 

Click here to read – II

Click here to read – III


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