The dire need to talk about 1962

News Today 19.10.2022

Events that have brought joy or an accomplishment that has enriched an individual or a group are readily remembered, celebrated and commemorated publicly. But a synonym for commemoration is ‘observe’. Hence, we as a nation commemorated the golden jubilee of the 1965 India-Pakistan war, while the celebration of the golden jubilee of the 1971 war, that saw the birth of Bangladesh, was commemorated with pan-India seminars, symposia, discussions, television debates and exhibitions. Yet, with just a day before the 60th observance of a dark moment in the history of our young nation, the 1962 India-China war (it began on October 20), there is no indication of its observance in which India lost so many of its brave men — (as in one report) 1,383 soldiers killed, 1,047 wounded, 1,696 missing and over 400 prisoners of war with the Chinese. (Read More)


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