Stalemate in India’s relations with China

News Today 03.08.2022

There have been 16 rounds of India-China talks to resolve the standoff in Ladakh, but apart from withdrawal on both banks of the Pangong Tso, nothing else has been achieved. Each time, it is said that both sides ‘agreed to stay in close contact and maintain dialogue through military and diplomatic channels and work out a mutually acceptable resolution of remaining issues at the earliest.’ The implication is that China is prolonging talks with an agenda. The Ladakh intrusion by China breached all previous agreements. Occupation of Kailash Ridge, the first offensive manoeuvre by India, conveyed its intent of challenging China. Hence, Pangong Tso was resolved in initial talks. Subsequently, there has been no forward movement, with China procrastinating, ignoring verbal understandings given prior to withdrawal from the Kailash Ridge, an action now being questioned as possibly having been premature. (Read More)


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