Set up a High Court for Puducherry

Supreme Court

The article highlights some sound reasons to set up a High Court for Puducherry. As this will not only cut expenses for the union territory but also bring quick judgement for long-pending cases. It was also highlighted by the Supreme Court of India in the case of “All India Judges Association And Others vs Union Of India(Uoi) And Ors” the need of increasing the strength of Judges. It was also highlighted in the report by Law Commission of India titled “Arrears and Backlog: Creating Additional Judicial (wo)manpower’ in 2014. The amount of cases filed at Puducherry is also higher as much as four times combined the cases of Sikkim, Manipur, Goa. The article also highlights the fact that the Constitutional Court in the capital city acts as a check on executive and legislature. It also raises a question on why can’t Puducherry have a High Court since many litigants are not benefited, while the constitution permits Puducherry to have its own Hight Court under Article 241. The establishment of a High Court will also aid in the demand for statehood. While the originally placed UTs placed under article 239A have already been granted statehood Puducherry is still awaiting its statehood. In 2016 also the Government of India had suggested to the writer for an establishment of a High Court once Puducherry Government takes the initiatives, but no such has been conveyed by the Puducherry Legislature. The Puducherry government should now form a committee to prepare such a comprehensive report and draft bill. In this, the Government and the Lt. Governor should work in harmony.

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