Self-reliance in India and the 4IR

News Today 17.08.2022

India, and the world, stand at the cusp of what is termed the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), in which new generation technologies such as 5G, AI, Internet of Things (IoT), quantum computing, bio-pharma, robotics, autonomous vehicles on land, sea or air, “green” energy sources including fuel cells and “green hydrogen,” related batteries or other storage systems, are expected to dominate the global economy over the next few decades. Countries which possess related know how and industrial capability will doubtless be the major players. Regrettably, despite its much-touted claims of being among the leading economies of the world, India is poorly placed with respect to most 4IR technologies, and may well find itself dependent on other countries and multinational companies (MNCs) even while providing among the largest markets for them. for accommodation and integration reflected in the existing system of asymmetrical federalism. (Read More)


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