Russian Roulette

News 04.03.2022

Vladimir Putin has now launched an all-out invasion on Ukraine from air, ground and sea, but even before that, astute politician that he is, he has achieved many of his objectives by systematically mounting the level of threat without actually pounding Ukraine with his deadly missiles as he is doing now. He has been playing the game craftily and entirely on his own terms. (Read More – Russian Roulette I)

In this unequal war, the biggest and possibly the only advantage to Ukraine is its geography. Ukraine is bordered by Moldova and four NATO members, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, besides Russia and its all-weather friend Belarus. Belarus is itself bordered by Poland on the west and Lithuania on the north, both of which are NATO members. Should the war linger and spill over into a protracted resistance, Russia will find itself embroiled in another Afghanistan-like situation of its own making. (Read More – Russian Roulette II )

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