Regulation of social media

Regulation of social media
Regulation of social media


The speed and reach with which rumours spread in social media sometimes become cause for law and order problems. There is need for steps to be taken for curbing fake news and rumours in social media. Recently, India has seen number mob lynchings due to this phenomenon. But curbing or putting restrictions on social media also brings out the issue of privacy (which is a fundamental right) and freedom of expression. Therefore while imposing regulation on social media government should be careful that it doesn’t infringe right to privacy and freedom of expression and also put it proper readressal mechanisms.

  1. What is the right way of regulating social media?
  2. Need for balance: On web content regulation
  3. Content management: On Aadhaar-social media linkage
  4. Tread with caution while framing rules for social media
  5. Regulating fake news in India is tough
  6. Regulatory challenges before social media
  7. Conclusions and suggestions
  8. The ‘Social Media’ Challenges to National Security: Impact and Opportunities
  9. Curbing Fake News
  10. Singapore’s Fake News Act: Lessons for India

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