Redefining direct benefit transfers

News Today 31.08.2022

The concept of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) is to directly transfer cash to the beneficiary’s bank account, empower the beneficiary to spend the amount it originally intended, and arrest the pilferage by corrupt politicians. So far, no political administrator in the country would have understood the spirit of DBT better than Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy. Witnessing people’s suffering during the 3,648-km-long padayatra, he vowed to herald a qualitative change in the lives of the poor. He announced “Navaratnalu” for the 2019 election manifesto. None of the “Navaratnalu” schemes is a freebie, as he carefully designed every scheme for long-term growth and development of people’s lives. Thus, redefining DBT as development through benefit transfer. (Read More)


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