QUAD and it’s anti-China agenda

QUAD and it's anti-China agenda
QUAD and it's anti-China agenda


In the recent past, with India-China rivalry flaring up, talks have started about the Democratic QUAD becomiong more relevant and it taking an openly anti-China stand. India is one of the key players in Quad, however, time and again it has been called the weakest link of QUAD. In this background let’s look into the different aspects of QUAD as they developed in the recent past and what people are predicting about it.

  1. A new dimension: On India-U.S.-Australia-Japan Quadrilateral
  2. The ‘Quad’ Isn’t About to Take On a Naval Dimension — But It’s Not Going Anywhere
  3. What Shapes India’s View on the Quad?
  4. Democratic forces must join hands to protect Indo-Pacific from China’s hegemony
  5. Democracy’s Squad: India’s change of heart and the furure of QUAD
  6. India Is the Weakest Link in the Quad
  7. How the U.S. Is Thinking About the Quad
  8. The Quad Is Poised to Become Openly Anti-China Soon

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