Project Tiger

Project Tiger

In 2018, India doubled its tiger population, four years ahead of the goal date of 2022. It is home to 70 percent of the world’s tiger population. The most recent tiger census, conducted in 2018, revealed an increase in the tiger population. India is one of 13 countries with tiger reserves that committed to doubling their tiger populations by 2022 in the year 2010. India contains roughly 2,967 tigers, according to the 2018 tiger census, and there are currently 51 Tiger Reserves in the nation. Click on the ‘Download PDF option provided below to know more on-

  • What is Project Tiger?
  • Where was it launched?
  • What is National Tiger Conservation Authority?
  • What are the challenges faced in implementing the project?
  • What are the methods used for estimating the tiger population?

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