‘Polio: The Eradication Imbroglio: The Malady and its Remedy’ review: Shifting goalposts and the worldwide battle against polio

News Today 25.04.2021

The new millennium of the 21st century was one of promise, say Dr. T. Jacob John and Dr. Dhanya Dharmapalan in their book, Polio: The Eradication Imbroglio: The Malady and its Remedy. Yet, two decades after the goal was set for 2000, the finish line in a race that promised to have a world “totally free” of polio seems to be only enveloped in a haze. The programme of stopping polio in its tracks, they say, is facing a crisis. The global combat against disease is a complex one, especially when the United Nations has the task of bringing all nations to the table on health matters. (Read More)


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