Police reform and the crucial judicial actor

Indian Police

The newest episode of l brutality and senseless act of violence inside a police station in thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, evokes extreme weariness. The article has highlighted the case of police brutality and question the integrity of the policing system in India. It has also applauded the actions taken by the Judiciary as a source of hope and action. The article here has highlighted the different instances where the judiciary has come to the rescue and it forces the policing system to take up more humane approaches to seek the truth. The problem of police brutality lies in the lack of money and power, which the courts in India do not have for immediate implementation. The gap between a top court and a lowly police officer has been demonstrated as many criminal laws even if struck down as unconstitutional are still being followed by and enforced in different parts of the country by local police. The article has suggested the courts in giving out compensational claims or prosecutions than just giving guidelines. It has also suggested the courts follow the culture of impunity and consider sanctions at a larger scale and impose monetary penalties at the district level. Lastly, the article calls for a change in the role of magistrates as they may be overworked and very often in a rush get done with ‘remand case’ and then treat an arrested person with the care and the consideration that she deserves and is entitled to.

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