PM’s model village scheme a non-starter, finds govt audit

Border Tension

According to a government audit report, Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana(SAGY) has failed to achieve its target and also recommended  ,Rural development ministry  to review the scheme. This Scheme was launched in 2014, it requires every MP to select a village as model village in his constituency for development, The scheme doesn’t have any budgetary allocations, it aimed to converge different government schemes for development of the selected village. According to the government audit report MPs are reluctant in adopting villages because firstly, picking one village would earn them the wrath of other villages in his constituency and secondly absence of a budget, the report also expressed concern about the quality of roads built under this scheme. This news is related to the topic government policies of GS 2. Details about the scheme is important for prelims, whereas  significance  ,issues with this scheme can be important for  mains.

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