MGNREGS running out of funds

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A survey conducted by the Azem Premji Foundation (APF) shows that many gram panchayats in vulnerable areas have exhausted their share of the MGNREGA fund in development works, lower employment rates due to monsoon which has lead to stalled development works, and fewer livelihood options as many have completed their share of 100 days of work. The survey was conducted after the centre released 1 lakh crore for MGNEREGA amid the COVID-19 crisis. The report has suggested funding MGNEREGA with another 1 lakh crore and increasing the number of days from 100 to 200. Additionally, the report also suggests newer development projects to be taken by gram panchayats as the shelved projects will be completed very soon. The study also noted lower wages in the scheme which are lower than the minimum wages in agriculture in most of the states.

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