It is the people of Pakistan who are suffering

News Today 20.09.2022

Pakistan is facing a severe crisis that is unprecedented. A third of its territory is under water, the death toll has crossed 1,400, and over 33 million people are suffering from the disruption caused by the flood. Two million acres of farmland are under water; 5,735 kilometres of transport links, and 1.6 million houses have been washed away, while 7,50,000 heads of livestock have been lost. According to the World Health Organisation, 6.4 million people need support, while 16 million children are in distress with 3.4 million of them needing ‘life-saving’ support, according to UNICEF. Water-borne diseases are spreading. The crisis, in retrospect, began on June 14, 2022. Sind and Balochistan experienced 784% and 500% more rain, respectively, according to Sherry Rehman, Minister of Climate Change. (Read More)


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