India must step up efforts to reduce deforestation

News Today (22.12.2021

India pledged to cut its carbon emissions to net zero by 2070 at the 2021 Conference of Parties (COP) 26 in Glasgow. India ranks fourth in carbon emissions after China, the United States and the European Union. But India sidelined one of the major commitments at COP 26, namely the Glasgow Leaders Declaration on Forest and Land Use.This declaration focuses on commitments to reduce deforestation. The tiger is India’s national animal. In the 18th century, during the British colonial era, there were some 58,000 tigers in India. Habitat destruction, hunting, poaching and deforestation reduced this population to 2,000 in 1973. To conserve this regal animal, ‘Project Tiger’ was initiated by the Indian Government. There are now 50 tiger reserves. (Read More)


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