Hind Swaraj

News Today 23.09.2021

In the era of Renaissance, Desiderius Erasmus, the Dutch philosopher and one of the greatest scholars of the northern Renaissance, thought that it was natural for good men to lament the corrupt world. As a young man of 25, Mahatma Gandhi realised and wrote about the damning indictment of modern civilization as revealed in South Africa ~ despite its dazzling surface, its material attractions and madly feverish activity, modern civilization was a hindrance rather than a help to the needs of the human soul and the craving for ideal life. (Read More)

Hind Swaraj is a manifesto for a new world based on supremacy of ethics and morality over matter. Erik Erikson called it ‘a rather incendiary manifesto.’ Dennis Dalton called it, ‘a proclamation of ideological independence.’ Gerald Heard compared Hind Swaraj with Rousseau’s Social Contact. (Read More)


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