Healthcare Sector & Consumer Protection

Healthcare Sector & Consumer Protection
Healthcare Sector & Consumer Protection


There has been numerous case verdicts in the past, whereby healthcare sector was equated by the judiciary (read Supreme Court of India) with other service sectors and was brought under the purview of Consumer Protection Act 1986. In the recently amended Consumer Protection Act 2019, Healthcare Sector has been specifically excluded from the definition of Service Sector and kept outside. To know more about the topic read the articles givenn below.

  1. Exclusion Of ‘Healthcare’ From The Definition Of ‘Service’: A Delusional Relief For Medical Professionals
  2. Consumer Protection Act 2019 and Health Care Services
  3. New Consumer Protection Law In India : Broadening The Horizon
  4. Healthcare isn’t a service in new bill but IMA says doctors not fully protected yet
  5. 5 Reasons Why Doctors Are Opposing The New Consumer Protection Bill
  6. Doctors and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA)

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