Harnessing the power of waves to create power

News Today 08.09.2022

Energy is the most crucial component for the economic growth of a country. The need for energy consumption has significantly risen globally over the last 50 years. Population growth, rising industrialization, economic expansion, modernization of agriculture, and the advancement of the transportation sector are the main components of the energy sector’s transformation. In the recent assessment report six (AR6) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Asia’s energy consumption is said to account for 36 per cent of total global consumption. China and India have contributed significantly to the rising global energy demand. Asia consumes 80 per cent of the world’s coal, 26 per cent of its natural gas, and 52 per cent of its electricity. Asia’s share of the world’s primary energy consumption is expected to rise to 48 per cent by 2050. (Read More)


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