Haphazard restructuring of armed forces will not work

News Today 20.08.2022

The appointment of the first Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) with a mandate to create theatre commands, failure to appoint his successor, introduction of the Agnipath scheme and finally directions to shed manpower by two lakhs, the government is going all guns to alter the structure of the armed forces. The failure to appoint the second CDS for over eight months sends the message that either the government considers the CDS to be a failed model or that it seeks to push through further changes with divided services, rather than united under a CDS. Any claim of still hunting for the right individual as the CDS does not ring true as the government has already amended its own rules to choose almost anyone. The longer it takes, the further it pushes its announced agenda of theaterisation away, despite statements that this remains its goal. (Read More)


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