GST Council

GST Council

After the Constitutional (122nd Amendment) Bill was approved by both Houses of Parliament in 2016, the Goods and Services Tax regime went into effect. The President then gave his assent after it had been approved by the state assemblies of more than 15 Indian states. A combined forum of the Centre and the states, the GST Council was established by the President in accordance with Article 279A (1) of the amended Constitution. The Union Minister of State (Finance) from the Centre and the Union Finance Minister (Chairperson) are members of the Council. A minister in charge of finances, taxes, or any other minister may be proposed for membership by each state. Click on the “Download PDF” option provided below to know more on-

  1. What is GST Council?
  2. Why was it established?
  3. What changes are initiated?
  4. What are the changes announced by the 47th GST Council meeting?

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