Grain aplenty and the crisis of hunger: on universal Public Distribution Syste

Need For Agricultural Market Reforms
Need For Agricultural Market Reforms

With the economic crisis on one hand and the crumbling health sector on the other, it is clear that it is going to take a long time to come back to normal. The article highlights the inadequate response the government took amid the COVID-19 induced nationwide lockdown which made the economy worst and many lost their jobs. The article also highlights a number of responses with much emphasis on a universal Public Distribution System to ensure that no-one is excluded. With the government schemes like Atmanirbhar package and PMGKAY expiring by  this month, many have asked it to continue till at least September, but the government now is pushing for the one Nation One Card scheme which will ensure ration to each and every cardholder throughout the country. The article has also pointed out some technical issues and criticism of the ONOC  program. With FCI holding an overflow of stock with more procurement is on the way in the near future many in the country are critical and many mouths remain unfed. Lastly, the article highlights the need for a universal  PDS as an immediate requirement, or else the government have to export the excess amount of grain or let it rot. While many remain critical and many mouths unfed any of these options would be nothing less than criminal.

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