Food For All

UN had set the target of eliminating world hunger by 2030 under its ambitious “zero hunger goal” initiative. But with only ten years left, the lofty goal does not appear to be in the realm of possibility. The UN’s The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) that continuously works towards alleviating poverty & hunger by pursuing food security, enhancing nutritional standards and promoting agricultural development, celebrated the 75th anniversary of World Food Day (WFD) 2020 in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. Farmers are confronting tough times due to the pandemic crisis which consequently has imperiled food security for millions worldwide. As per reports, Global food production today is sufficient to provide everyone on Earth an adequate diet but due to uneven distribution of food production and food trade, people gets a poor access to food. This remains the primary reason being people remaining hungry and , malnourished amidst plenty. ‘Food safety, everyone’s business’ was the theme for WFD 2020. This editorial on food production and Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO).


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