Focus on Sundarbans

News Today 14.06.2021

The Sundarbans comprises an ecosystem that forms the frontal area of the Gangetic belt. For all the scenic beauty that the region presents with its unique mangrove forests; for all the biodiversity that it houses; for all the attraction that it has earned as the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger, the region’s primary claim to fame is that it is the most powerful bulwark against natural cataclysms. (Read More)

Mangrove plants live in hostile environmental conditions such as high salinity, high waterlogged soil strata, tidal pressures, strong winds and sea waves. Now a question needs to be asked. Do mangroves need salt? The answer is in the negative. Generally, mangroves are facultative halophytes, meaning that they do not require salt water to live but are able to tolerate it. They do so, thereby out-competing freshwater plants by the processes of microfiltration and salt excretion.  (Read More)


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