Eyes on COP-27 but will it deliver?

News Today 13.08.2022

Adopted in 2015, the Paris Agreement was the culmination of the high hopes of limiting global warming preferably to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels in order to avert devastating climate impacts. It paved the way for every country to commit to cutting emissions through their individual Nationally Determined Contributions. The binding agreement called for the establishment of mechanisms for countries to report on the progress they made in meeting their goals of emissions reductions. Around the same time, intensifying extreme weather events, a direct consequence of and further exacerbated by climate change, began unfolding on a global scale; a mere coincidence, many prematurely concluded. For example, in August of 2017, three separate but connected incidents took place: Hurricane Harvey in the United States, the Kerala floods in India, the worst in over a century, and massive floods covering the entire southern plains of the Nepal Tarai. (Read More)


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