Escalating tensions: On U.S. closing Chinese mission

China America

The tensions between the U.S. and China are no longer restrained to trade and technology and has snowballed into a larger geopolitical contest between the two nations. Recently With the U.S. closing China’s consulate in Houston and stoping Chinese mission, while China also gave refuge to a Chinese scholar in its San Francisco consulate, against whom an arrest warrant has been issued alleging her that she lied to authorities about her ties to the Army. These incidents indicate of a greater hostile situation, sometimes predicted as greater than the Cold War. The U.S. Congress though critical about Trump for his failure to curb the Coronavirus pandemic, overtures towards Russia, and other policy measures are in line with Trump in matters dealing with China. This has done serious damages to the relationship both the countries have shared. The article highlights the unfolding of the crisis at the time when China is picking up fights in its neighborhood, giving a message that it is up for the game. If the relationship between the two nations do not stabilize and a total breakdown of relationship occurs, it would be bad news for the rest of the world.

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