End overdependence on coal

News Today 25.11.2021

Climate change and global warming are destabilizing the planet. In 2018, energyrelated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions rose by 1.7 per cent. This amounts to 33.1 gigatons of CO2. India pledged last week at COP 26 in Glasgow to reduce GHG emissions from its energy sector and achieve net-zero emissions by 2070. India produced 106.3 billion units of power in December 2020, of which 75 per cent came from coal-fired thermal power plants.Just before the COP 26 summit, in mid-September, 2021, India faced a record shortage of coal supplies that threatened to undermine its fossil fuel-dependent energy infrastructure. The crisis should have propelled the nation’s leaders to devise alternative policies to limit its dependence on coal and look towards renewable alternatives. (Read More)


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