Delhi Police’s use of facial recognition technology

News Today 22.08.2022

The Delhi Police first obtained FRT for the purpose of tracing and identifying missing children. According to RTI responses received from the Delhi Police, the procurement was authorised as per a 2018 direction of the Delhi High Court in Sadhan Haldar vs NCT of Delhi. However, in 2018 itself, the Delhi Police submitted in the Delhi High Court that the accuracy of the technology procured by them was only 2% and “not good”. Things took a turn after multiple reports came out that the Delhi Police was using FRT to surveil the anti-CAA protests in 2019. In 2020, the Delhi Police stated in an RTI response that, though they obtained FRT as per the Sadhan Haldar direction which related specifically to finding missing children, they were using FRT for police investigations. (Read More)


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