Deepening India-South Korea ties


The article describes the relationship between South Korea and India. Though many leaders have tried to establish a good relationship between the two countries non of them have yet reached a mutual meaningful chord of empathy and made its people move closer to each other. Cultural Prejudices has been blamed for such lack of openness, curiosity and warmth. Whatever progress in the relationship of the two countries have been made are in areas of trade and investment, but these are not enough in bridging the gap between the two cultures. The article highlights the presence of a mindset among the people of South Korea that India being a third world country suffers from hunger and poverty. Though true it is mostly an overstatement for India. For Indians, mostly they are unable to distinguish the cultural and social characteristics of South Korean people from other East Asian nations. The establishment of the Indian Cultural Centre in South Korea was a right step in bringing people to people contacts, but at the current scenario, both the countries may require more to do. As the balance of power is shifting and a regional hegemon is already pushing it in the ambit of Indian Ocean, both South Korea and India need to fill the cultural gaps fast and grow their closeness for the betterment of all Asian democracies.

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