Cyclones in Indian Ocean


Tropical cyclones are more prone to occur in the Indian Ocean since it lies between the tropics. Tropical cyclones are strong storms that form over tropical oceans and then travel inland, wreaking havoc on coastal communities with violent winds (squalls), torrential rain, and storm surge. They’re erratic wind patterns caused by the confined circulation of air around a low-pressure area. The rapid upward flow of the heated air, which is subjected to Coriolis force, causes this closed air circulation (whirling motion). Wind speeds are caused by a low-pressure area in the core of the storm.Higher sea surface temperature above 27 degrees, creation of cyclonic vortex with the presence of Coriolis force, variations in vertical wind speed, presence of low-level cyclonic circulation and upper divergence of air above sea level system are the conditions that cause tropical cyclone formation.

  • Cyclone Formation
  • Bay of Bengal more prone to cyclonic storms than the Arabian Sea
  • Intensity in Indian Ocean
  • Changes Occurring in the Indian Ocean

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