Crop of ironies


The devastating effect of the COVID-19 pandemic did not only leave the migrant labour to leave its city of work to march home in villages but also forced the migrant labour of the village ditch work and flee em masse. This led to bottlenecks in supply chains thus shooting the prices of commodities high in consumer markets. Many remained hungry even though the Food Corporation of India’s godowns overflowed with grain stocks. In this backdrop, the government took some bold steps to bring in reforms in the agricultural sector. The article describes all these reforms which the government has taken to curb the supply chain deficit and bring in revenue gain for the farmers. The article also highlights the benefits ‘One Nation One Ration Card Scheme’, the PM KISAN Scheme amid the Global Hunger Index which ranked India at 102 out of 117 countries. These reforms are important as 17% of Indias GDP comes from agriculture while 50% of India’s population depends on farm-based income. This news is related to the topic Governance of GS 2.

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