Criminalisation of Politics

Criminalisation of Politics
Criminalisation of Politics


This is an age-old topic dealing with a menace which has been polluting the political structure of the country. It is at every level that this tendency can be seen. Quite often the not Civil Societies, the Judiciary, especially the Supreme Court of India, and even the political class has been vocal on this issue. There is has been attempts to create a robust legal mechanism to deal with this collusion but all in vain. To understand the various facets of the issue, go through the following articles and materials:

  1. Criminalization of politics
  2. Owning up to criminalisation in politics
  3. The criminalisation of politics and how to prevent it?
  4. SC takes stern view of criminalisation of politics in india
  5. Civil Society, Indian Elections and Democracy Today
  6. Criminalization of politics in India a study of linkage between politicians and criminals

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