COVID-19 & Women’s healthcare: especially abortion and access to contraception

COVID-19 & Women's healthcare: especially abortion and access to contraception


The lockdown in the backdrop of COVID-19 pandemic has created number of complication and has given rise to different, unexpected outcomes. One of these un-anticipated outcomes are the negative impact on the access to abortion and contracetion by women in India. Infact number of people today are talking about an expected baby-boom given the lacunae observed in these services.

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  2. Study says 1.3 mn Indian women lost access to contraception, abortion services in pandemic
  3. 1.3 million women in India lost access to contraceptives, abortions during the COVID-19 pandemic: report
  4. Why abortion and contraception are essential healthcare
  5. How ‘Essential’ Abortion Services Are Inaccessible in the Lockdown

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