Corporatisation vital to make OFB productive

Army has released a report mentioning number of accidents, injuries and death occured due to faulty ammunition since 2014. In India, it is the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) that manufactures ammunitions and armaments. It functions directly under the Ministry of Defence. To counter the blame, OFB said that accidents have taken place due to improper maintenance of weapon systems, improper handling and storage in ammunition depots, and improper handling of ammunition and weapons during firing. OFB says its the responsibility of the army to properly store/handle/maintain. The editorial mentions the allegations brought by army against OFB and what OFB said in its response. Additionally, talks on corporatization of OFB are also going on. The OFB has decided to go for a strike from October 12. Its primary concerns are job cuts, layoffs and losing privileges of being defence employees. In its support, OFB says that it worked only for national interest unlike private manufactures who will only look for profit. The issue is related to defence and internal security. 


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