Clean Fuel

News Today 19.04.2022

The World’s attention has been focused on one health issue over the past years: Covid-19. But inadequate attention is paid to a persistent and insidious problem. We often gloss over the extent to which toxic fumes emanate from open-fire traditional cookstoves (Chulhas) fueled by solid fuels (including coal and biomass fuels, such as firewood, charcoal, dung, agricultural residue and sometimes leaves and grass) is jeopardising the health of our rural women and children. (Clean Fuel – I)

Unsustainable harvest of fuelwood is a major driver of forest degradation and impacts adversely more than 30 million ha of forests. The source of energy for domestic and commercial use in rural and semi-urban areas is largely fuelwood which contributes to more than 93 per cent of Greenhouse Gas emissions from the forestry sector in India. Inadequate access to clean and affordable energy sources and large-scale use of solid fuels are the primary reasons behind the low quality of life in most developing countries, including India. Clean cooking also helps to address energy poverty and ensure sustainable energy security for billions. (Clean Fuel – II)


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