Calibrated balance: On India and non-alignment


In the middle of double trouble for India wherein one hand, it is fighting the global pandemic and on the other hand, it is fighting the Chinese aggression along its northern borders, a separate statement from the External Affairs Minister S.Jaishankar lays out India’s view on World in the face of the global pandemic. While the statement explains the reasons of a shift from non-alignment to multipolarity world order as a necessity for India in the era of a new cold war where India has to take definite stands and risks on issues such as connectivity, maritime security, terrorism, and climate change, the statement declares that it has never been a part of any alliance and will never be. In the statement, the External Affairs Minister also highlights the Indo-U.S. cooperation in many sectors and maritime collaboration. The statement is a clear-eyed assessment of India ‘s restrictions and roads to potential growth. The article highlights that even when U.S. secretary of State Mike Pompeo had commented for a join action plan where the U.S. and India could team up to counter China after the Galwan clash where India lost 20 of its soldiers the government of India has rightfully chosen not to speak on it and has chosen to di-slove issues with China only bilaterally.

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