Blue economy

News Today 09.08.2022

India’s blue economy and its interconnectedness with the future of the Indo-Pacific region both in terms of maritime security and economic development is projected to be a key driver of prosperity and power in the coming decades. But, as Ambassador (Retd) Rajiv Bhatia of the Mumbai-based think-tank Gateway House pointed out recently, discussions in the public sphere have hitherto been focused on maritime security, strategy, and geopolitics, while economic development has received less attention. He argues for an effort to correct this imbalance by creating awareness on how to harness the potential of the region’s blue economy ~ its vast resources and opportunities. The former diplomat’s intervention is timely as it comes in the wake of consternation among policymakers and strategic thinkers over the development of Russia’s hybrid warfare in its invasion of Ukraine and its impact on the Indo-Pacific. (Read More)


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