Basic Material for International Relations



The following are General Studies materials for International Relations. Given our experience with UPSC, we would suggest you to go through these materials at least thrice. The material we are sharing are all time tested and they have proved their worth. But one has to know how to use them.

Do not try to mug these materials, rather go for sincere reading, while understanding the concepts, of these materials for a number of times (read thrice). If you can ensure that, rest assured that you have good command over the subject and you are ready to face questions of this section.

International Relations, as such is mentioned only in the syllabus of General Studies Mains Paper 2, along with Polity. And, every year at least 4 questions, consisting of 50 marks out of 250 are asked from this section. But, as we have seen, even in Prelims, in the disguise of Current Affairs, questions are asked from this section as well. However, this section being extremely dynamic, an aspirant has to continuously update him/her-self. This is why, we in Current Affairs Review, properly focus on this section, whether in the form of Cover-Story or Issues-in-News. By the way, without a sound knowledge about the background, one cannot fully comprehend the recent happenings.

This is why, here, in the section, we are sharing some quality and time-tested material for you to refer to. At the same time we should also inform you that these are only basic materials, you would be needing advanced materials along with this, for which you can refer to our modular course on International Relations (click here).

Basic Material

Click the below link to download (Or  login to see the link)Contemporary World Politics (NCERT)

Click the below link to download (Or  login to see the link)Handbook of India’s International Relations

Click the below link to download (Or  login to see the link)India’s Neighbourhood


Note: These materials are shared from the point of General Studies and not for International Relations section of PSIR Optional.


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