Another front: On India, Bhutan and China


China has been consistently claiming about Bhutan’s eastern boundary as ‘disputed area’ with Bhutan. China first had claimed this during the Global Environment Facility conference led by UNDP. The representatives of China tried to stop funding of the Sakteng forest reserves which also touches Arunachal Pradesh’s Twang district. As the article highlights the eastern district of Bhutan does not share any boundary with China. The article also highlights the fact that Chinese officials have not raised any claims regarding the eastern boundary in any of the 24 rounds of talks with Bhutan since 1984. Despite China’s repetitive claims, Both India and Bhutan have not chosen to react in a rash manner. These incidents also highlight the fact that China has not given up hopes in claiming the Dokhlam plateau, from where it may inch itself to India’s Chumbi valley which is a strategically sensitive location. Both India and Bhutan are in course with close cooperation and complete understanding to respond to the Chinese purpose.

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