AI initiatives

News 18.11.2021

Niti Aayog’s decision to embrace the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is significant and should be attributed as a driving force so far as India’s economic development is concerned. The strategy document shows that India has the strength and competence to place itself on the global AI map, ensuring social and economic growth of the country in tune with the national philosophy of development.To that extent Niti Aayog decided to focus primarily on five important sectors: agriculture, healthcare, education, infrastructure, transportation and mobility. However, while appreciating AI as transformative technology, the strategy paper identified also the shortcomings of the project to achieve success because of high resource cost, absence of an enabling data ecosystem, lack of expertise in research in AI and absence of collaborative approach in this field. (Read More)

The benefits lie in the ability of information technology-based learning environments to sustain student attention, encourage learners to develop imagination, foster curiosity, allow experimentation, and above all move towards a conducive learning environment that is self-paced and adaptive.Students learn at different speeds. A technology-based learning environment can allow the learner to decide how much more practice or learning he/she needs in the area. In addition to adaptive learning, tools with intensive analytical capabilities such as learning analytics can go far in helping teachers to understand indispensable requirements of the child, thereby optimising time by focusing on the needs of the child. (Read More)


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