A little bit about us

Hello friends, Current Affairs Review is an online magazine cum preparation platform for aspirants of civil services across the nation. The founders of the platform (Mr. Amit K. Bose, Mr. Ramesh Das and others) have experience of several years in the field of civil services preparation. In-fact Mr. Amit K. Bose is one of the leading faculties of (a) International Relations, (b) Internal Security & (c) Indian Society & Social Justice, associated with a number of leading institutions in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar & Guwahati. Fine, but…



What do we do???

In Current Affairs Review, we concentrate on serving the aspirants, in the best possible way by:

  • Providing timely content on issues which are in news and have the possibility of making it’s way to the question papers set by UPSC.
  • Create original content, enriched with both facts and analysis, as required by this examination.
  • Create a pool of questions which would help the aspirants to continuously check their level of preparation along with the model answers for their benefit. Here, we must admit, that we do not believe in bombarding an aspirant with unnecessary questions. We appreciate the fact that an aspirant is already running short of time.
  • We also welcome and try to provide personalised advice to aspirants who contact us.

Our effort is to create a conducive environment and supplement the efforts of an aspirant towards achieving his/her objective of qualifying this examination. Yet, given our understanding of UPSC, and the following the belief of the founders, we would refrain from making any grand-stand or claim.