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Current Affairs Review is a free digital magazine, created to cater the needs of Civil Services aspirants across the country, using the advantage of digital revolution in India.

Here in Current Affairs Review, we believe in ‘Equality, Fraternity, and Justice’ as enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution of India and as is enforced by the Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties. Keeping these ideals, as conceived by the founding fathers of the nation, in mind, we believe that every member of the youth in India should have the right, at least to make an attempt to contribute meaningfully in the nation building. To facilitate this endeavour, the founders of Current Affairs Review, intend to keep it a free platform disseminating quality guidance cum mentorship along with at least the minimum requisite materials, necessary to create the foundation for the Civil Services Aspirants.

As it is often witnessed, number of talented members of the youth in the country, with the potential to crack this examination, do not get the opportunity, given lack of access to quality guidance/mentorship and/or the high cost of the preparation process (fees, as charged by the coaching institutes along with price of books). To address this anomaly and ensuring the ‘Right to Equality’ for all, this platform was created.

The different sections of this platform have been created keeping in mind the varied requirement of this examination. Here, let us take the opportunity to elaborate and give you a comprehensive idea about both, (a) the platform and (b) how to use the resources we are creating and sharing through this platform. Say for example:

Here in this section, we try to create material for those sections of the syllabus, which genuinely have very limited amount of quality content. We have identified areas such as

  1. Indian Society
  2. International Relations
  3. Internal Security

etc, which need extensive research and sincerity in preparing quality content and we are trying to fill-up this gap.

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As our experience tells us, UPSC is not much interested about events or data but about the issues which have the potential to genuinely impact the lives of people at large in India. Keeping this requirement in mind, we try to identify relevant issues associated with different parts of the syllabus and present it before you.

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This section has been created to ensure easy availability of basic materials, which are extremely necessary in creating the foundations for a common aspirant. In most of the institutes, the faculties start teaching the students thinking that they know the basics. But as is the reality, normally a student, while pursuing their +2 and then graduation loses touch with the basics, they studied during 10th board examination. Hence, when these aspirants start attending the classes, they find it extremely difficult to cope-up with the on-going curriculum.

Here in this section, we have shared the basic materials, which are both

  1.  qualitative in nature, and
  2. time tested,

to fill up the void often faced by an aspirant in the above mention scenario.

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The issues of national or international importance (current affairs) which are happening around us, often involve understanding of a few basic questions. If we cannot understand those fundamental aspects, it becomes very difficult to comprehend the reality in it’s totality. Keeping in mind this requirement, we have created this ‘All About’ section to provide fundamental information necessary for an objective understanding of the reality.

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Everyday, number of issues arise, which are then highlighted by the newspapers and covered in details in their Editorial and Opinion page. However, not all of these issues are relevant to us from the point of Civil Services Examination, as conducted by UPSC. We, at Current Affairs Review, identify those issues on behalf of our readers and display them here in this section.

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Additionally, every now and then, we organise and conduct different webinars and seminars to disseminate fair and correct information along with quality guidance for your readers/subscribers. One such webinar was organised recently to address the requirements of the Civil Services Aspirants, targeting the CSE 2023: