A nation fighting against all odds

News Today 17.08.2022

While technically India may have become a constitutional democracy only from January 26, 1950, with the promulgation of Constitution, there was a broad agreement across the political spectrum at the time of Independence that it would tread this path. Even those who doubted conditions for the endurance of democracy in India or wrapped it in indigenous cultural metaphors soon reconciled to its constitutional frame spelled out in the next couple of years. Trans-Atlantic scholarly writings, however, persisted with their scepticism of the prospects of parliamentary democracy in India as was their wont prior to Independence. The review columns on W.H. Morris-Jones’ Parliament in India (1957), which provides a celebratory account of the first general elections (1951-52) and the rooting of parliamentary democracy in India, were invariably laced with amazement at the data marshalled in the book. (Read More)


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