100-year journey

News Today 15.06.2021

This year, 2021, marks the centenary of Tagore’s dream project of setting up a university at Bolpur, with the primary objective of emphasizing the supreme importance of holistic learning. In his inimitable way, the poet translated his fond dream into reality. As far as I know, no other poet has ever set up a university which was largely self-funded. Tagore perceived that aid from the establishment, at that time, the British raj, would lead to interventions of all sorts, from administrative to political. (Read More)

The introduction of performing arts in his institutions underscored the uniqueness of Tagore’s theory of education and its path-breaking effectiveness in praxis. Tagore’s concepts of education contrasted the trajectory of the parrot’s tragic traditional training as a scholar to the exhilarating freedom of experiential learning at Santiniketan. In his oft-cited and widely discussed essay on education in Bengal during the colonial times, titled Shikshar Herpher (Manipulations of Education) Tagore stated, “From childhood, instead of focussing on the power of memory, equal weightage must be accorded to independent application of the power of thinking and the power of the imagination.” (Read More)


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